[AHGASTORY] This is my story when I first stan GOT7 by Marcelline

This is my story when I first stan GOT7. It was around October 2016.

I was preparing for my high school’s biggest annual event & i was a coordinator for an important section. It was so chaos & tiring because of the hectic schedule of tasks, meeting (for event), exams, and all those things. I got so much stress & this thing slipped my mind, “What will happen if I just die? Would it be much more easier?”. I know it sounds crazy now (I do think so too), but it wasn’t that crazy back then (to show you how much stress I had).

Out of sudden, GOT7 dances Hard Carry 2x faster (Weekly Idol) showed up on my youtube. Short story, I fell for Jackson’s adorable side of variety. His jokes & his high pitched laughs make me “OMG, I need to surpass these & watch him again tomorrow.” I head over heels for him & suddenly I fell for 7 of them. This is a weird story indeed because even before this, maybe 2 years ago, I listened to Girls Girls Girls, downloaded A, watched Dream High 2 & found out abt JJP, searched for GOT7 because of JB, even watched Jackson’s Roommates & Law of The Jungle, but I didn’t think anything particular related to them. It was Hard Carry that made me just fell right on my knees for them!

I would like to say that GOT7 is really my motivation, and my life saver (okay maybe I do overreacting for this one, but I really want to say GOT7 saved my life and makes my life better!). Every time I feel tired, exhausted, devastated, hopeless, or lack of motivation, those DORK7 always can bring laughter to my gloomy days…

The more I spend seconds staring at them (on screen of course ._.), the more I regret the fact ‘Why I didn’t stan them earlier?’ If I have had stan them since the first time I searched for GOT7, I wouldn’t missed Departure era, Just Right era, Home Run era, Mad era, Stop Stop It era, Identify era! At least not this far!

But whatever happened, I always be grateful because Youtube has made me found my ultimate bias, Wang Jia Er! ?
(Sorry, I gotta say it, I can’t hold it.)

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