[ARTICLE] GOT7's Jackson Sulks At KARA's Heo Youngji's Comment About His Height

Jackson, Heo Youngji

On the November 16 episode of the SBS program “Roommate,” GOT7 member Jackson showed that despite his tough appearance, he has a soft heart that can be hurt, too.

On this episode, GOT7′s Jackson,KARA’s Heo Youngji, Park Joon Hyung, Lee Dong Wook, and Bae Jong Ok got to go to the farmer’s market to get ingredients to make kimchi.

While walking to the market, Heo Youngji teased Jackson and made fun of his height. Jackson then raised his voice to Heo Youngji and said, “That’s right. I can’t speak Korean, I’m short, and I’m ugly!,” and sulked.

Heo Youngji, who was surprised at Jackson’s reaction, tried to make it up to the GOT7 member and said, “No. You’re better at Korean than I am and I never thought that you’re short,” however, Jackson showed that he was already hurt by Youngji’s comment. “But I’m over 170cm (5 ft. 7 in.). I’m (actually) 174.8cm! (5 ft. 9 in)”

“I’m just wearing these pants that’s why (I look short.) I’m not short,” Jackson defended himself. “(But) even though I’m short, Suzy has never said that I’m short. It’s just a business relationship for us now,” continued Jackson, making Youngji laugh.

Later, Heo Youngji suddenly gave Jackson the cheese that he has been longing for since morning and he forgave her for her teasing and said, “Let’s make up,” and reached out his hand for her to shake.

Source: Soompi

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