[ARTICLE|STARCAST] Just right guys, GOT7 – in love with so many girls?!

Time to reveal just right boyfriend-like idol GOT7’s past, present and future!! I am back with GOT7’s present!!
Currently GOT7 are said to going out with so many girls while they are working with song “Just right”!

GOT7 going out with many girls??!?!?!?!? What??? What does it mean?
Yes, that’s right. As you may expected, I heard that they are in love with I GOT7 girls! I captured that site when they were on a date, let’s have a look together!

Have you enjoyed watching GOT7 and I GOT7’s sweet date? The way to get GOT7’s sweet love? Public broadcasting? Fan autograph meeting? It’s all opened for you to join!
I will be back with ‘future’ next week! Bye!

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