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. Happy Father’s Day 어렸을때 부터 저 보고 참을줄 알아야된다 끝까지 포기하면 안된다 이런 말들 때문에 살면서 정말 도움이 됐어요 평생 평생 기억 하고있을거에요 감사해요 아빠 그리고 사랑해요 . 爸爸 父亲节快乐 在生命中 任何时候 无论多苦 一直叫我 咬紧牙关 忍 坚持 到最后的你 让我明白了 很多事 也让我得到了 很多东西 一辈子都会记住 谢谢 爸爸 我爱你 . Happy Father’s Day Since a kid, you’ve always been telling me about the importance of my endurance Which helped me to understand a lot about all the tragic realistic facts about life. I will always remember and become stronger and stronger. Thank you dad, I love you. #happfathersday #잭슨 #王嘉爾 #jacksonwang #loveyoudad

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