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[Tutorial] PhotoCard Application – September Birthday Ads

This September, PhotoCard application have an event for September-born Idols. If the Idol get 200.000 vote, they will put a birthday ads on subway. As we know, GOT7 Mark, Youngjae, and Jinyoung’s birthday are on September, so we encourage you to vote them using this app to promote our boys more ūüôā

This application only available for Android user, here is the Google Play link:


.:. Register .:.


Click login and choose Google Account that you want to use.¬†Then put “g7indo” as the recommender nickname and click the red button.


The application is kinda weird, so you need to write down your phone number elsewhere first, then copy it. go to the page below, then paste it.


You will receive SMS with code inside. Put in the code as shown below.


If you can’t put your phone number or recommender, DM us on Twitter / Line and we will help you. You can still use the app even if your recommendation process failed. Just you wont get the initial 200 cash.

Right after registration, they will ask you to choose your favorite Idols, Choose GOT7, then ‘turn on’ for all of the boys.

This page with flower box is the Main Page, you can access it from your lock screen or go to the Photocard App and click the ‘Open Lock Screen’ button.


.:. Vote.:.

On the main Page click the Vote button as shown below to go to the vote page. You can get 10 voting tickets by watching ads. You can watch 20 ads at max per day. So you can get 200 voting tickets in total per day.

You can also buy voting tickets using cash. How to collect cash will be explained on the next section.


If you scroll down below, you can find list of on going voting.

Please take notes that this vote below is not our focus.


Scroll a little bit and you will find this.

This is it! This is our main voting!!

Click this one, then vote for our boys. The goal is 200.000 vote. Even if GOT7 Boys not on the 1st position, they will still get the ads if their votes surpass 200.000 vote.

So let’s working hard for this!

.:. Cash .:.

In this Main page you can see your total cash too as shown below.

How to collect cash?

See the flower box? At the first time, your box won’t have any flowers on it. Flower Box will come every 15 minutes. So you can collect cash every 15 minutes from the flower box.


It’s annoying. I can’t work if I have to standby every 15 mins.

Don’t worry. You see on the pics of my flower box, it has number 7. You don’t have to standby and click the box every 15 mins. You can put it away and comeback again after several hours, the flower box will be accumulated every 15 mins. Even if your phone is turned off, the flower box will still be accumulated when you turn it on again. Just don’t log out from the application or change your account.

Sometimes, if you’re lucky you can get voting tickets inside the flower box as well.


Why I have to collect cash?

Cause you can buy voting tickets using cash.


Let’s vote hard for our boys so we can promote them more!!


PS: Untuk tutorial bahasa Indonesia akan di upload secepatnya. Mohon bersabar yaa ūüôā

[VOTE] Soribada Awards 2018

The voting process for Soribada Music Awards 2018 has been opened.

(Proses voting untuk Soribada Music Awards 2018 telah dibuka~)

Deadline: August 17th, 2018

.:. Website .:.

Login first here

(Login terlebih dahulu di

Then go to the voting page

(Lalu pergi ke halaman voting di

If you’re a free member, you will get 5 stars/day, but if you have a streaming pass, you will get 5 stars/hour.

(Kamu akan mendapatkan 5 star per hari, namun jika kamu memilki streaming pass, kamu bisa mendapatkan 5 star/ jam)


The green part is to let you know how many stars that you own.

Click the yellow button to get your stars.

(Bagian hijau menunjukkan star yang kamu miliki sekarang. Dan tombol yang dilingkari kuning adalah tombol untuk mendapatkan star)

[Tutorial] How to Register on Soribada

  • Website
  • Mobile

    .:. Website .:.

    Go to You can login using your SNS Account.

    (Buka halaman Kamu bisa login menggunakan akun Facebook, KakaoTalk, dan Twitter kamu)

    If you want to register using email, you can only do it on mobile apps, you can’t register using email on the desktop¬†website.

    (Jika kamu ingin mendaftar menggunakan email, kamu harus melakukannya di aplikasi ponsel atau website mobile.)

[TUTORIAL] How to change Apple ID Country to Korea

Hi! As we all know most of the Korean voting and streaming application only works for people in Korea, for Android, you can just search for the application’s APK on but for iOS user, you have to download the application through AppStore. So here is how to change your Apple ID country to Korea.


(Hai! Seperti yang kita tahu, biasanya aplikasi yang digunakan untuk streaming dan voting GOT7 merupakan aplikasi yang hanya tersedia untuk orang Korea saja. Untuk Android, APK bisa dicari dan didownload di namun untuk iOS kita harus mengganti region Apple ID kita ke Korea, berikut merupakan cara mengganti negara pada Apple ID anda)


[Tutorial] Brand of The Year 2018

GOT7 is nominated in Male Idol section for Brand of The Year award in 2018.

(GOT7 dinominasikan di kategori Idol Pria untuk Brand of The Year award 2018.)


ūüóďÔłŹ¬†May, 30th – June, 13th 2018


Here are steps to vote for them

(Berikut adalah langkahlangkah untuk mendukung GOT7)


Open the link

(Buka link berikut

[Tutorial] Japan MCountdown Vote

Mcountdown pre-vote will be available on Global website and Japan website. Since the Global is pretty easy to understand, in this tutorial we will only cover for the Japan one.

Global MNet:

Japan MNet:

For the Global website, they pretty much use English, so it’s easy to understand. You can register using your SNS accounts and vote once everyday for every account. Create as many account as possible, you can vote 10 times using the same IP. After that, change your network, like going from WiFi to mobile network or disconnect to easily change your IP, then you can vote for another 10 times.

[Tutorial] How to download and delete song on Melon

This tutorial will only consist of how to download songs from Melon and how to delete it. For registration and playlist tutorial, please go to these pages.

Melon Guide of Use: MelOn Guide of Use

Melon Playlist guide: How to Create Playlist on Melon

How to download songs on Melon

After you register your phone, then you’re done!

How to delete downloaded songs

Go to the homepage, and click on ‘MY’ tab.

Then you have already deleted your downloaded songs.


Check whether you play downloaded or stream

Here is a simple how you can know whether you stream the song or you play your downloaded song.

By default, when you stream, you will stream AAC+ type. So if it’s AAC+ icon you’re seeing, you can rest assured cause you are streaming

If it’s showing DCF, you are playing from downloaded song.


But to make sure you stream and not playing the downloaded song, please delete the song right after you download.

[TUTORIAL] How to Create Playlist on Melon


For those who cannot stream with multiple accounts in Melon, you can use playlist to play song and fill the time gap within an hour. It is because ONLY ONE STREAM PER ACCOUNT PER HOUR COUNTS!

(Untuk yang tidak bisa stream di Melon dengan banyak akun, gunakan playlist untuk memutar lagu dan mengisi kekosongan waktu dalam satu saja. Hal ini dikarenakan HANYA SATU KALI STREAM PER AKUN PER JAM YANG DIHITUNG!).

To make playlist, follow these steps:

(Untuk membuat playlist, ikuti langkah-langkah di bawah ini:)

1. Open Melon and login to your account. See how to MelOn Guide of Use

(Buka aplikasi Melon dan masuk ke akunmu. Lihat cara login di MelOn Guide of Use).

2. Search for GOT7 in search bar.

(Cari GOT7 di bar pencarian).

Melon Search Icon

3. After the search result appear, click on the three vertical dot beside GOT7 album – For the current comeback, later choose one song from Eyes on You.

(Setelah hasil pencarian keluar, klik tiga titik vertikal di samping album GOT7 – Untuk comeback seksrang, nanti pilih satu lagu dari Eyes on You).

4. Choose either the button on the top left corner to include all song or click on any song you wish to be included in playlist.

(Pilih antara tombol di pojok kiri atas untuk menyertakan semua lagu atau klik lagu mana saja yang kamu ingin masukkan ke dalam playlist).

After that click on the “plus button” to add song into playlist.

(Setelah itu klik tombol tambah untuk menambah lagu ke dalam playlist).

Creating Melon Playlist

5. There are two choices of playlist: 1) Include song on existing playlist without naming it, 2) create a title for your playlist. You can choose any option but the first button is simpler.

(Ada dua pilihan playlist: 1) Menyertakan lagu ke playlist yang sudah ads tanpa memberi judul, 2) membuat playlist dengan judul. Kamu bisa pilih opsi mana saja tapi tombol pertama lebih sederhana).

Melon Playlist


In choosing song, make an interval to make sure you will repeat <Only You> and <Look> in the next hour. You can insert any GOT7 song between the newest title track.

(Dalam memilih lagu, buat interval untuk memastikan kamu mengulang <Only You> dan <Look> di jam berikutnya. Kamu dapat menyisipkan lagu GOT7 apa saja di antara lagu title track terbaru).