[PROJECT| REPORT] GOT7 1st anniversary – 17 Lucky Trees: 1 Year journey, 7 Lucky Boys

“17 Lucky Trees” a project from Indonesian IGOT7 for GOT7 1st anniversary

(presented by jjthenoonas, GOT7Indonesia, GOT7_INA, YoungjaeEngle, YugyeomID)


E-Certificate GOT7_front_rev

E-Certificate GOT7_back

MyBabyTree Certificate from WWF Indonesia

1 Year journey, 7 Lucky Boys.

We donated 17 baby trees to WWF ‘MyBabyTree’ program to plant in Muara Gembong – West Java, Indonesia

[PROJECT|DONATION] GOT7 1st Anniversary Project: “17 Lucky Tree”

GOT7 1st Anniversary Project: “17 Lucky Tree”

1st Anniversary GOT7 project by JJThenoonas, GOT7Indonesia, GOT7_INA, Youngjaengle, YugyeomID.
Awal tahun 2014 tepatnya pada tanggal 16 Januari 2014, JYP Entertainment mengeluarkan grup boyband baru mereka, bernama GOT7.
Setahun berlalu dengan cepat, dan kini kita sebagai Ahgasae akan merayakan anniversary GOT7 yang pertama ^^ Untuk merayakan anniversary mereka yang pertama, kita merencanakan utk mendonasikan 17 buah baby tree (bibit pohon) ke WWF melalui program “Mybabytree”.
Kenapa 17 ? 

[PROJECT|REPORT] JYP Nation Rice Wreath dari JYP Nation Indonesian Fans United


Kami dari tim JYP Nationalist Indonesia ingin menginformasikan report  akhir dari project “RICE WREATH JYP NATION ONE MIC 2014” untuk Support JYP Nation Konser di Seoul (August 9-10th 2014)

sebelumnya kami mengucapkan terima kasih atas seluruh partisipasi JYP Nationalist Indonesia dengan mengirimkan donasi untuk project ini.


[REPORT|PROJECT] Food Support for GOT7 Debut Stage at Inkigayo

Hello! Good morning~
We’re here to report you our project for GOT7. ^^
First of all, we’d like to say thank you to GOT7SGyugyeomid.comJYP Nation Indonesia for participated in our project. Few days ago, we sent the donation money and spent the money well by bought a cake support for GOT7 at  SBS Inkigayo music show debut stage (January 16, 2014) . The project happened with the helped from  U&I (Jr. Fansite) . Big thanks to  U&I . ^^