[PIC|TRANS] 150727 Woman Insight interview

【Honest talk with GOT7】
The passionate friendship between boys in the midsummer:
“I’m glade to have this person by my side”

Although all the 7 members of GOT7 mostlt spend time as a whole group together, when we asked if they had any memories that make they think “I’m glad to have this member beside me”, Mark and Jackson had given each other names. However, the reasons for their answers are completely different.

[TRANS] 150719 Nylon August Issue Interview


Q: A moment that is just right.
When I’m composing and I get a good idea or good sample and make a good beat. I have a song called ‘I Thought Of It’. It’s mostly R&B and Soul, but then I made it a ballad. It was nice because I felt that the music and lyrics were all falling into place.

Q: If you have any interest in SNS accounts.
I wanted to focus on music so I deleted all of my SNS accounts. It’s not that the SNS accounts were distracting to me, I just wanted to do something to promise myself I would focus.

[ARTICLE|TRANS] 150719 Interview with KukiNews

GOT7 Jackson “Always thankful for fans… even for an unhandsome person like me”

Kukinews Lee Eun Ji reporter

In group GOT7’s “Just Right” music video, there is a handsome man who first jumps out and says “mirror, mirror, tell me”. That’s Hong Kong born Jackson. In the first week of comeback with “Just Right”, when [the reporter] ran into him, Jackson looked tired but also joyous. He said that meeting ahgase (I Got 7: Got7 Fan club name) for the first time in a long while makes his mood good.

[ARTICLE] Reasons You Can't Help But Fall For Boyfriend Idols GOT7


◇”7 People with Good Luck Gathered” … Boyfriend idols GOT7, I’m curious about them

In January 2014, amidst a world where girl groups were proving to be a strong trend, ‘traditional powerhouse’ JYP Entertainment once again showed its dignified power in the idol world. Ordering the release of a candidate to inherit the title of next-generation boy group after 2PM and 2AM six years ago. This was how group GOT7 was born.