[Tutorial] How to download and delete song on Melon

This tutorial will only consist of how to download songs from Melon and how to delete it. For registration and playlist tutorial, please go to these pages.

Melon Guide of Use: MelOn Guide of Use

Melon Playlist guide: How to Create Playlist on Melon

How to download songs on Melon

After you register your phone, then you’re done!

How to delete downloaded songs

Go to the homepage, and click on ‘MY’ tab.

Then you have already deleted your downloaded songs.


Check whether you play downloaded or stream

Here is a simple how you can know whether you stream the song or you play your downloaded song.

By default, when you stream, you will stream AAC+ type. So if it’s AAC+ icon you’re seeing, you can rest assured cause you are streaming

If it’s showing DCF, you are playing from downloaded song.


But to make sure you stream and not playing the downloaded song, please delete the song right after you download.

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