[OFFICIAL] GOT7 1st Album description


GOT7, Comes Back with the 1st Album ‘Identify’
GOT7, Presents Genuine Groove Dance
– GOT7, comes back with the 1st album ‘Identify’ after its debut
– The title track ‘Stop stop it’, which J.Y. Park guarantees to be a ‘Nobody’-like song
– An album that is armed with GOT7’s unique groove and hip-hop dance beat

GOT7 comes back to fans with the 1st album ‘Identify’ after its debut.

The title track ‘Stop stop it’ is a song J.Y. Park ‘intentionally’ produced for GOT7’s peculiar Groove and cool performance. As the title track of the 1st album, the song has Producer J.Y. Park’s sincere wish to discover GOT7’s Identity.

‘Gimme’ is a mournful song about a resolution to forget the old lover and to start a new love. It is a fast beat hip-hop genre song, and its chorus hook melody is easy to sing along and impressive.

‘Take My Hand’, produced by ‘Beom, Nang’, appeals GOT7’s sweet charm. The song thoroughly speaks for the position of a ‘boyfriend’, who is cunning but cute, and cannot be disliked forever even when he acts naughty.

‘Magnetic’ includes the feelings of the men who fell in love with its straightforward lyrics that vitalizes GOT7’s fresh feelings.

As a song that explains the fluttering heart between lovers, ‘Just Tonight’ distinguishes each member’s emotional and idiomatic rap.

‘Turn Up the Music’ offers a unique charm as the song tries to enjoy and look back to past, different from GOT7’s previously released songs.

‘Stay’ handles the familiarity, a feeling of love with the stream of times, and emotionalizes a hope to reverse the heart of a left lover.

‘Moonlight’ gently and frankly conveys a story to a lover, and presents GOT7 member’s mellow and forthright voices.

‘She’s a monster’ combines sweet and lovely R&B melody, and maximizes GOT7’s fresh charm. The lyrics that compares a woman with fatal attraction, very intense that she leads a man to avoid her, to a Monster is entertaining.

In addition, the debut title song ‘Girls Girls Girls’ and the 2nd Mini Album title song ‘A’ are also included in the new album.

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