[OFFICIAL] GOT7 1st Mini Album description

Got it?

JYP’s 7 Member New Boy Group ‘GOT7’ Sallies!
JYP First Hip-Hop Group ‘GOT7’ Has Dominated the Stage!
– JYP’s First Hip-Hop Group ‘GOT7‘, Makes the First Appearance to the Fans with its Debut Album ‘Got it?’
– The Group Dominates the Stage with the Title Song ‘Girls Girls Girls’ that is Filled with JYP’s Own Style of ‘Swagging’
– As a Boy Group that JYP Presents in 6 Years, ‘GOT7’ Targets Global Market with its Multinational Members.

On January 20th, 2014, JYP Entertainment’s new boy group ‘GOT7’ powerfully sallies with its debut album `Got it?`

A boy group that JYP produces in 6 years after ‘2PM,’ ‘GOT7’ is comprised of 7 multinational members: JB, Jr., Mark (from United States), Jackson (from Hong Kong), BamBam (from Thailand), Yugyeom Kim, and Choi Youngjae.

‘GOT7,’ the first Hip-Hop group that JYP presents, possesses ‘Martial Arts Tricking’ as its specialty.

As a fancy technique based on the movements of martial arts, ‘Martial Arts Tricking’ is a genre that integrates martial arts such as the kicks and turning motion with a b-boying style.

The title song of the ‘GOT7’’s debut album ‘Got it?’, ‘Girls Girls Girls,’ is a Hip-Hop song both written and composed directly by Producer J.Y. Park (a.k.a. “The Asiansoul”), and the song maximizes ‘GOT7’’s individuality and unique performance and contains JYP-style of ‘Swag.’

Especially the song mediates on memories as it includes a sampling of Sohee’s ‘어머나’ from ‘Tell Me,’ a mega hit song of Wonder Girls, and it presents a fun harmony with the performance of `GOT7` members.

‘Hello’ is a song produced by ‘Noday’ and ‘Chloe’, who have been actively working recently, and the song maximizes the diverse magnetism of GOT7 through the harmony of dignified 808 kick and electro base.

‘I Like You’ combines the Hip-Hop song with R&B elements, and it is a song that describes the beautiful aspect of an ordinary girl.

‘Follow Me’ is based on ‘South Hip-Hop’ and speaks of its aspirations about participating in a new world that ‘GOT7’ will present. A children’s song-like simple melody hook in the first half is easy to sing a long, and especially the members’ rap in the latter half stands out.

‘Like Oh’, a mutual work of a composer Lee Woomin, who works in New York, and Fredrik Ödesjö, is a song that is mixed with a strong ‘Urban Club’ beat and ‘EDM’ elements. The lyrics, which is about the one who conveys own emotions to his/her unrequited lover as if it is a story of a friend, add more fun to the song.

‘Playground’ is a R&B song that alludes a thrill and excitement of finding a new love to a childhood dream and memories. The unique melody in the latter half is impressive, and the song overall, along with its lyrics, conveys purity and cuddling elements from the childhood.

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