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GOT7, Comes Back with Bright and Energetic 2nd Mini Album ‘GOT♡’
GOT7 Comes Back with Mini Album ‘GOT♡’, Full of Energy and Charm
-GOT7 comes back after half a year since debut, with an album made up of GOT7’s own style of ‘Swag’
-Comes back with an up-tempo R&B style title song ‘A’, both written and composed by producer J.Y. Park
-8 tracks, including the title song ‘A’, filled with Hip-Hop and R&B colored music

GOT7 comes back to its fans with the 2nd Mini Album ‘GOT♡’ after half a year since debut.

JYP’s first ever Hip-Hop group, GOT7, who showed off Martial Arts Tricking and blew a new sensation in the music industry in January, 2014, has released its comeback album ‘GOT♡.’

GOT7’s title song ‘A’ is both written and composed by Producer J.Y. Park. The song refers to the Korean expression “A”, in which one teases at the other who tries to hide the inner feeling even when the feeling cannot be hidden, changed into the Alphabet ‘A.’ Adding a Hip-Hop rhythm to the classic R&B chord, it is an up-tempo R&B song full of energy and charm.

‘U Got Me’ is a song filled with GOT7’s unique style of Hip-Hop sensitivity. The drum is used as the main instrument, while the dialogic soft rap delivering the fresh expressions. As it refreshes the mood softly with the sweet vocal in free chorus and bridge, the song is exciting and sweet simultaneously.

Written by JB, the leader of GOT7, ‘Bad behaviour’ is an Urban R&B song with appealing lyrics that induces the other to propose in an imposing way.

‘Good Tonight’ is a song of urban beat, well-harmonized with ethnic percussions and brass arrangement. The song is about a couple in a secret relationship, who are encouraged not to care about others’ perception and just to make love for the night.

‘Forever Young’ is an R&B Hip-Hop song, filled with sincere emotions that hope the romantic relationship to last forever. The song, arranged by an acoustic guitar, is connected to a soft melody and rap line, showing a glimpse of GOT7’s unique style of charm.

In addition, 3 more songs are included in the album: ‘A’’s collapsedone Remix version, TOYO Remix version, and FRANTS Remix version.

A group that will be look forward to, let’s become addicted to ‘GOT♡’, an album filled enormously with GOT7’s style of bright energy.

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