[SCAN | TRANSLATION] GOT7 Interview NYLON Korea Magazine, Dec 2014: boys to men

Before long, you will be a year older. How does it feel to become a man?

JB It feels as if the place you can lean on is disappearing. When you’re young, there are many people who can help take care of you, but when you become an adult, you need to be responsible for yourself. Isn’t the shouldering of all the responsibility a part of the process of becoming an adult?

Jr. Since the things you can do tend to increase more and more, it seems like it would be a feeling of freedom. Because of your status as a student, there are things that the people around you look out for you, but when you become an adult, I’m afraid that there won’t be things like that. I hope that I won’t just get older in age and remain an overgrown adult.

What do you think an adult is?

JB Being caring and understanding. It’s something that I still don’t have yet.

Yugyeom While putting themselves in another person’s shoes and being able to think like them and listening well to what they say, that is the image of an adult.

Jackson I think an adult is taking responsibility for one’s own decisions.

Jr. Enduring for a long time. I mean, when you look at adults, there’s the ‘As if it wasn’t bad enough that you’ve gotten older in age…’ Adults can also have thoughts like a child and there are even times when they act childishly. However, I think expressing that (those feelings) is the image of a child, and enduring without expressing it is an adult. However, when all is said and done, an adult is wrinkles, isn’t it! Haha.

Youngjae Isn’t being homely and resembling my serious father an adult?

When you become an adult, what do you think will change?

Jackson I have them now too, but in the future, my facial wrinkles will become deeper. I will be a bit more humble, and I will more desperately realize my shortcomings.

Youngjae My outer appearance won’t be greatly different, but my inner self will be deeper.

Mark Perhaps because I was born in America, but I can’t feel any big differences. When you become an adult, there are no big differences. It’s just the situation becomes different. Unlike in America, having to do everything by yourself is a bit overwhelming. You even have to take care of your own food to eat and organize your clothes by yourself. The biggest difference is the appearance of a sense of responsibility in your daily life.

BamBam Since I’m still young, there are more things that I can’t do, but when I become an adult, I think it will feel like I can break down that wall. I’ll be like, ‘I’m free now!’

Do you have any fantasies about becoming an adult?

JB Somehow, when you become an adult, can’t you drive with one hand… When I watch dramas, the handsome main character wears sunglasses and drives with one hand. That looks cool.

Jackson When you become an adult, it’s more like your fantasies get shattered. When you are young, you don’t care when you make a mistake, but when you become an adult, the situation becomes different. If you make a big mistake, you could go to jail.

Is there a person you have admired for a long time?

Jackson While I admire my father, I also respect him because of his attitude of never giving up until the end. I want to become a person like my dad.

Yugyeom Chris Brown, who gave me the dream to become a singer. I fell in love when I watched the 2012 Grammy Awards.

Jr. Park Jinyoung PD-nim. It’s amazing that we have the same name, and we have this connection where I was born in 1994 and PD-nim debuted in that same year. We have many things in common.

BamBam It seems like Jr. hyung’s dream has come true. Ever since I was a child, I liked Rain sunbaenim. Following what my mom liked, I watched the dramas Rain sunbaenim appeared in and music shows, so I naturally came to like him. Because I was selected to become a singer while doing a Rain sunbaenim dance cover, he’s even more special to me.

JB I also wanted to meet Rain sunbaenim the most when I became a celebrity. Since our promotions overlapped, I met him once, and since his build was bigger than I had thought, I was surprised. It was to the degree that all the members were exclaiming, “So big!” He was wearing a suit and had extended his hand out for a handshake, and like a hip-hop-er, greeted us memorably with a “Yo!”

Youngjae For me, Yoo Jae Suk sunbaenim. He resembles my father. Especially the big and red nose. Haha. His personality is good, and his kind appearance is warm. Ever since the first season of <Infinite Challenge>, <Rash Challenge>, I’ve been a faithful viewer, never missing an episode. Recently, watching <Infinite Challenge> is still my greatest joy.

Mark Because I actually have no particular dream, I also don’t have a figure that I admire. To me, it’s more important that I live life to the fullest while enjoying the day.

Jackson Living as best as you can, as if today is your last. Now that I think about it, Mark hyung’s answer is really cool! The members have never, not even once, all gathered together and had a serious talk like this, so it’s awkward. We originally aren’t the serious type. Haha.

The look on your faces of unfamiliarity with each other, amazing.

Jackson Come to think of it, until now, we’ve never asked each other what do you like, what kinds of things do you prefer. In our dorms, we either joke around with each other, or we sleep after we finish our schedules since we are busy. The thing I say the most in the dorm is, “You’re not sleeping?” Haha.

If something you like were to come up, wouldn’t you want to boast about it? Also, I would think that amongst the members who have similar interests, you’d be able to communicate well.

BamBam In the past, we didn’t talk, but recently, we often talk about movies we see.

Jr. I was impressed by <Gone Girl>. It’s the best amongst the movies I’ve seen recently! You can’t help but to be absorbed by the story that repeatedly twists the twists, and since the actors act well, it was quite interesting to watch.

Yugyeom In the dorm, I watched <My Love, My Bride> with BamBam and Jackson hyung. It’s a fantasy about marriage, so while we watched the movie, we thought, if we all got married, ‘Will we change like the movie’s main character? In what order would the things change?’ Since it was a happy ending, I was pleased.

BamBam We watched it while continuously screaming. Because we really liked it and because we were excited.

JB I like movies that bring to mind memories. I enjoy watching animation. Recently, I watched the 12th Crayon Shin-chan movie <Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called! The Kasukabe Boys of the Evening Sun>, and I was somehow delighted by it. I’ve probably seen it more than 5 times?

Youngjae I also like animation like JB hyung. I’m a huge fan, to the point that I’ve seen every episode of <One Piece>. I enjoy watching the main character Luffy grow through his interactions with various people as he dreams of becoming the King of the Pirates. While I brood over the subject of developing into a new person, my feeling of also wanting to become like that seems to get bigger.

Mark I’m the type that doesn’t really like movies. If there is free time, the only thing I want to do is rest. Haha.

What is the worst thing that has happened to you that you remember?

JB It’s not the worst incident but…. I went on a program once as a guest. In order to stand out as a main character, I should have worked hard, but I was lacking in sense. I also couldn’t do ments well…. In any case, I couldn’t do my part properly. The director even made a loud noise while saying, “You aren’t concentrating?” I’m still dizzy now, thinking of that time.

Jr. We had plans to film our mini-album music video in Thailand, but at that time, a coup d’etat happened, and there was a ban placed on entering the country. We changed the destination in a hurry and went to Malaysia to film, but the problem was that we hadn’t prepared our clothes. Up until the day before we departed from Korea, we couldn’t even do our fitting for our clothes, our hearts felt urgent, and so when we arrived in Malaysia, it became a sleepless night. When I say it now, it’s nothing, but at that time, I was worried, ‘Won’t everything get scrapped?’

Youngjae On the broadcasted <After School Club> this past year, I was supposed to read ‘Live’ as ‘liv,’ but since I said ‘la-ive,’ I became a laughing stock. After that, I have devoted myself to studying English. I also didn’t know, but I guess I have an overly stubborn personality. Haha.

Jackson Rather than the worst, I will talk about a difficult situation. Not too long ago, I was fixed to appear on MBC <Quiz to Change the World> for about three months. I’d get tired from the long recordings for 8-10 hours a day, but I still really worked hard on my reactions. Laughing, clapping, like a hot-blooded audience member. However, I did not stand out as much as I expected. I will make bigger reactions in the future!

Is there something that people have come to overestimate or underestimate you on?

Yugyeom During <Real GOT7>, I was the subject of a hidden camera. With the theme of ‘Make Yugyeom cry!’, the hyungs seriously went through with the situation. At that time, I only cried once, but people thought I was a crybaby. Every person I met would say, ‘Is it true you cry often/easily?’

Jackson People remember me for my mischievious image, but actually, I am an extremely serious person. I wanted to tell you that.

JB I’ve never thought about how people think of me, so I don’t know how I should respond.

Jr. JB hyung is exactly the same as what you see. Bad boy! Chic man!

JB But I’m not the chic style… Since I look like a cold person, I guess that modifier just stuck to me.

Yugyeom Actually, JB hyung is clumsy. He has an extremely cute side.

Like how, for example?

Yugyeom JB hyung will say, “Really, let’s do the choreography properly. You absolutely must not make a mistake,” but he will be the only one to do it wrong. He’s a hyung, but he looks cute.

Jr. JB is even funnier during promotions. He says, “Even if we have a lot of schedules, however tired you may be, let’s not sleep,” and actually, he is the one to sleep on the floor.

JB I definitely did not sleep!

Jackson There really is one more cute incident. A few days ago, I ordered McDonald’s chicken wings, but without me knowing, JB took them all and ate them. There is no proof, but I am certain of it.

JB I really didn’t eat them!

Jackson Keeping this image until the end of trying to get out of things is extremely cute. Hahaha.

When do you feel, I have become an entirely different person?

BamBam When I get make-up done. When I do the cleansing, I’m surprised, thinking, ‘I look like this?’

JB When I get on stage, I get the feeling that the tendencies I originally had have changed.

Yugyeom When I dance. In the past, I was uncomfortable, and I had a very shy personality, but while doing promotions, I changed.

Youngjae When I draw. I’m not the skilled type, but some day, I want to personally design our album jacket.

Jackson I am always me. If I have to say when I become a different person, it’s when I’m in front of Park Jinyoung PD-nim. In the past, he was really scary. Because of the aura PD-nim has, I would somehow get intimidated, and I couldn’t speak properly. Probably because when you’re a trainee, you don’t know when you could get kicked out, so I was afraid of that. However, now we’ve become close to the degree that I call him hyung.

You must have been upset.

Jackson It’s okay. That’s society, after all.

Jr. Because a Hong Kong person said it like that, it’s amazing.

Jackson It’s because in Hong Kong, we have the same saying!

If you were to tell us one side of yourself that people don’t know well?

Jr. The images I have in front of friends and in front of adults are different. Even if I’m joking around endlessly with friends, if adults come, I become serious. It’s because we need to have respect towards our elders. That was a bit uninteresting. Haha.

Mark Mm, if I compare myself to my past personality, it seems a lot has changed. If what we thought was different, I would often fight with my friends, but now, even if we have the same conversation, I suppose there isn’t a big impression. Sometimes, if something happens, my friends say, “Why didn’t you get angry? You changed!” Oddly enough, I don’t really know where I’ve changed.

Rather than you being the one who changed, isn’t it the people’s attitudes towards Mark that changed?

Jackson That’s right. There is that part too. I feel that all the members before and after debut are not hugely different. If there is something that changed after becoming a singer, it’s getting on the stage, of course.

Amongst the promises the members have made with each other, what is the most important one?

Yugyeom Rather than a promise, we said that we’d go to the end with the name ‘GOT7.’ Whether we do solo promotions or units, we shall not forget one another.

BamBam Mm, we’ve made a lot of minor promises. If you eat in the living room, the person who ate has to clean up! However, there is no one who cleans.

JB We made a promise not to put toilet paper in the toilet….

Jackson Did we really make that promise? This is something I’m hearing for the first time.

JB It’s okay for your own room to be messy, but the bathroom we use together, the living room, and the kitchen need to be kept clean.

Jr. JB has a bit of mysophobia (fear of germs). Haha.

It seems like it’s been five years since your debut, and finally, you’ve released a full album.

Yugyeom I hope it goes well. The artists at our company also all liked our album.

Jackson Although I don’t feel like the album is overdue, rather than being pressed for time, I thought, let’s make this good. You can expect it to be good.

What is the song you are most attached to from this album?

JB The title song, ‘Stop Stop It.’

BamBam I also like the title song the most. My hairstyle came out well in this song too. Hahaha. The members teased me for looking like a character from a loans advertisement, but now, I like it.

Mark I’m the type that likes R&B and hip-hop and enjoys songs that are sung low. Therefore, I have a lot of attachment to ‘Moonlight.’

Jr. ‘Take My Hand.’ In my life, I had never heard a compliment saying I sang well, but with this song, I received my first compliment. I pretended to stay calm on the outside, but inside, I really liked it.

Jackson Mm, I like the songs called ‘Just Tonight’ and ‘Moonlight’ the most. Since they are the songs I personally did the rap-making for, my affection for them is great.

How do you hope people will listen to this album?

Jackson How should they listen? Do I need to say to listen with your ear?

Yugyeom Haha. Since you can’t hear it with your mouth.

BamBam I think they are good songs to sing when a man is confessing to a woman. The lyrics can be somewhat cringeworthy, but they are romantic.

JB Men should listen to our songs with a feeling of, ‘I’m being hooked like a fish by one woman.’ After all, there are a lot of parts that they can identify with.

Mark That’s right. That is this album’s concept, after all.

Jr. If you are a person who likes songs that feel old, you must listen to our album. A majority of our songs have an old-school feel to them, so you will be able to happily listen to them.

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