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🔥 Houston 때 공연 정말 재밌었어요! 🙌 여러분 비오는 날씨에 우리 밖에서 기다리고 정말 감사해요 ㅠ 😞 감기 안 걸렸죠? 🤒 안 걸렸으면 좋겟다! 다음에 또 바요 여러분!! 너무 너무 고마웠어요! 🙏 . Houston的时候来看表演的朋友们! 谢谢你们!🙌 也知道你们下着雨,在外面排队😞 没有感冒吧?🤒 注意身体! 我们下次再见!非常谢谢你们!🙏 . Houston! It was such a good show🙌 and thank you all for making it to the show And I know you all been waiting outside in the rain, so I hope you didn’t get a cold🤒 Take care!🙏 Thank you again! You guys were amazing, and I will definitely miss you guys❤️ . Tag yourself if you were in Houston 🔥 #Houston #GOT7 #amazing #thankyou #yesIstoleTHEphotosAGAIN

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