[PROJECT|DONATION] Food Support for GOT7 Debut Stage at Inkigayo (International)

Hello guys~

We are from GOT7 INDONESIA want to ask you to corporate with our project. The purpose of this project is to support GOT7 to have their debut stage on January 16, 2014. To support GOT7’s debut, we prepare a support project by DONATION. This project is a food-support for staffs and members.

One of korean fansite, U&I (Jr. Fansite) will help us for this project. They will deliver the food-support to the staffs and members. We should collect the donation around 6.000.000 Rupiah for this project. So, we intends to open donation to the success of this project.

Food-support project is providing food and beverages for GOT7 Staffs and Members. Fansite / fanbase in Korea often do this project to support their idol. We want show them that we always support and love them even we not stay in Korea. We prepare a total of 30 packages of food and beverage for GOT7 and the staffs.

How to make them notice our support? Of course we will put all of the fanbase that will participate in this project on the sticker project. So, GOT7 will notice that a lot of fans from various countries always love and support their activities, and we hope soon GOT7 may have a concert to our countries.

So, for you who want to participate / join this project we expect the donation from you all.

You guys can send the donation via:

  • Mandiri Bank : 900-00-2134246-5      a.n DINAR RIZKY AMALIA
  • BNI Bank : 0221108152                          a.n KENIYA WULANDARI


  • Every fanbase who participate in this project should sent a donation minimum 500,000 IDR through the account that has been mention above.
  • After transfer, please send the data to got7Indonesia@yahoo.com with subject “FOOD PROJECT”
    With format:
    Fanbase Name :
    Twitter  :
    Number of transfer :
    Transfer on behalf : Transfer to BNI/MANDIRI
  • Please send it before January, 14th 2014 at 17:00 (WIB)
  • if there are any question please sent us an email or mention to @GOT7Indonesia or ask us a questions http://ask.fm/GOT7INDONESIA

The feedback that will be given:

  1. Name of fanbase will be listed on the sticker project “GOT7 Food Support”
  2. Fanbase will become a partner in every  project GOT7 Indonesia
  3. Fanbase account twitter will be included as partners in every tweet “project announcement” of us via twitter.
  4. As from the delivery date of the donation has been verified by GOT7 Indonesia up with project execution, twitter account fanbase that participate will listed on Bio twitter GOT7Indonesia as a partner.



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