[PROJECT REPORT] GOT7 Comeback Hard Carry Food Support

161028 our Food Support at Music Bank.

Thank you  for leading this project &  for the fanart , also other Fanbases & IGOT7 Indonesia who’ve participated in this support project
1. Galuh Candra Kirana
2. Endah Widiyani
3. Defika Christanti

Fanart Sticker:

GOT7 took pictures with our Food Support

The menu of our food support:

For GOT7:
Abalone Seafood Fried Rice
Roast Beef Salad
Chili Japchae
Dakbong Gangjeong (Chicken with rice crackers(?))
Side dishes

For staffs:
Roast Beef with Rice
Side dishes

[PROJECT] GOT7 Comeback Hard Carry Food Support Project

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