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[PIC] 190123 Sony Music Thailand Twitter – GOT7 Japan Album

[OFFICIAL] GOT7 the New Album ‘MAD’ description


GOT7, Returns with the New Album ‘MAD’ on September 29th! Returns with Dark Charm!
– ‘MAD’ Releases on September 29th! A Total of 6 Songs Including the Title Song ‘If You Do.’
– A Comeback in 1 Month After the Group’s Previous Album! Strengthening the Popularity with an Active Schedule.
– The Title Song ‘If You Do’! GOT7’s First Work with ‘Black Eyed Pilseung’, the Numerous Hit Songs Generator.

GOT7 intensively returns with ‘MAD’ on September 29th.

[OFFICIAL] GOT7 3rd Mini Album description

Just right


GOT7, Returns With the 3rd Mini Album ‘Just right.’
– GOT7 Returns with the 3rd Mini Album After 8 Months.
– The 3rd Mini Album ‘Just right’, a Total of 6 Songs, Is a High Quality Album with Various Genres Such as R&B and Hip-Hop.
– Written by J.Y. Park “The Asiansoul,” The Title Track ‘Just right’ is the Co-Operative Product of Grammy Awards Winner Duo ‘The Jackie Boyz’ as well as Charles “Chizzy” Stephens III, C Minor, Jay Dmuchowski, and Gavin Jones, who worked on the worldwide artists.
– ‘Just right’, a Song Describing a Man’s Feeling to Inspire Self-Confidence into His Girlfriend as She Has Many Worries, adds Pop Melody to Southern Hiphop Rhythm.

GOT7 Returns with the 3rd Mini Album ‘Just right.’

[OFFICIAL] GOT7 1st Album description


GOT7, Comes Back with the 1st Album ‘Identify’
GOT7, Presents Genuine Groove Dance
– GOT7, comes back with the 1st album ‘Identify’ after its debut
– The title track ‘Stop stop it’, which J.Y. Park guarantees to be a ‘Nobody’-like song
– An album that is armed with GOT7’s unique groove and hip-hop dance beat

GOT7 comes back to fans with the 1st album ‘Identify’ after its debut.

[OFFICIAL] GOT7 2nd Mini Album description


GOT7, Comes Back with Bright and Energetic 2nd Mini Album ‘GOT♡’
GOT7 Comes Back with Mini Album ‘GOT♡’, Full of Energy and Charm
-GOT7 comes back after half a year since debut, with an album made up of GOT7’s own style of ‘Swag’
-Comes back with an up-tempo R&B style title song ‘A’, both written and composed by producer J.Y. Park
-8 tracks, including the title song ‘A’, filled with Hip-Hop and R&B colored music

GOT7 comes back to its fans with the 2nd Mini Album ‘GOT♡’ after half a year since debut.

[OFFICIAL] GOT7 1st Mini Album description

Got it?

JYP’s 7 Member New Boy Group ‘GOT7’ Sallies!
JYP First Hip-Hop Group ‘GOT7’ Has Dominated the Stage!
– JYP’s First Hip-Hop Group ‘GOT7‘, Makes the First Appearance to the Fans with its Debut Album ‘Got it?’
– The Group Dominates the Stage with the Title Song ‘Girls Girls Girls’ that is Filled with JYP’s Own Style of ‘Swagging’
– As a Boy Group that JYP Presents in 6 Years, ‘GOT7’ Targets Global Market with its Multinational Members.

On January 20th, 2014, JYP Entertainment’s new boy group ‘GOT7’ powerfully sallies with its debut album `Got it?`