[TRANS] GOT7 1st Album Identify – Thanks To

Jackson’s Thanks To
I truly want to thank all our I GOT7 friends, you are all very important to us!! You’ve always believed and loved us GOT7, this is really an honor for us, we will remember this for the rest of our lives. You are GOT7’s strength! But health is the most important, don’t get sick and don’t get hurt! If you guys get hurt, we also feel hurt and sad!! So you can’t! Our lovely I GOT7 must drink more water, and eat more vitamins. You really can’t get sick!!! I’ll be mad!!!!! Hahaha. I love you!
Dearest Park Jinyoung hyungnim! I’m really grateful for the advice you’ve given us about music. You told us to never forget our original intention, this has allowed us to continue working hard and enabled us to have more of our own thoughts. Each and every word you say has had an impact on my life. I learned a lot, we will always remember the words hyung has said. I truly, truly thank you, we won’t disappoint you, I love you.
Our dear Jimmy hyungnim. Thank you for always taking care of and helping GOT7. We will work even harder and become true artists. We’ll show you even more good music. I love you.
Our dear H Dog hyung. For you for taking care of us. We will work even harder in the future, we won’t let hyung be so tired out!!! H Dog!!! H Dog!!! H Dog!!! We will continue to practise dancing seriously.
My Korean mom, Heewon noona. I’m truly thankful that you treat GOT7 as your own children everyday. I’m sorry that you’re exhausted because of GOT7!!! Sorry ㅠㅠ We definitely won’t disappoint you! Also, I too have a serious side! I also think I’m someone that laughs everyday! My Korean mom, I love you!
Our dear Jiyoung noona! If it wasn’t for noona, I might not be in Korea. I will be thankful towards you for giving me this opportunity my entire life. I will work even harder in the future.
Our dear Namyong hyung!!! Thank you for creating our choreography and teaching us dance!!! From now on, I will put in even more effort!! Fighting!!!
Our dear Hyungwoong hyung!!!! Your choreography is really awesome, you’re the best! We’ll also count on you in the future!! Also, I really hope that you will be able to get married soon!!!
Our Hwayoung noona! Noona, thank you for always giving us a fun greeting!!!
Our great manager, Seunghoon hyung! You are really really amazing!!! You’re always taking care of GOT7 by yourself, organizing our schedules.. I’ve always felt apologetic towards you ㅠㅠ For always taking care of our team, thank you so much ㅠㅠㅠ Hyung is truly incredible! But don’t blush all the time!!! Hyungnim! I love you!!!!! Really!!!
I hope us GOT7 can go to the end together!!! Our members!!!! I’m always always thankful and appreciative of you all. You are really my brothers for life! JB, Jinyoung, Mark, Youngjae, BamBam, Yugyeom!! Thank you for always being by my side and giving me strength! Let’s be together for the next 10 years, 20 years, 30 years! I really love you all! Kids! GOT7 Forever!!!!!!
Thank you to my parents for their continual support. Without my dad and mom, I would not exist as the person I am today. I love you mom, I love you dad. Dad, mom! Health comes first! Don’t worry about me too much! I will take care of myself! I feel very sorry for not being able to be by your side, so I will definitely work hard! Mom, I love you. Dad, I love you.
Everyone in JYP Nation, let’s be like this till the end!!! Fighting!!
In the future we’ll work hard to make music! Please look forward to it lots!!!!!
JYP nation!

I love you!

Mark’s Thanks To
First, I would like to thank God for all that has happened in this past year. Next, I thank my family for always being so supportive and always motivating me to do my best. Love you guys!
JYP Nation! My family ~ 2PM, 2AM, Miss A, SunMi, HA:TFELT, Joo, 15&, Baek A Yeon, Bernard Park*, for always helping us, thank you!
Our PD nim! Thank you for always giving us good advice!
And also, our CEO Jimmy, Vice President Byun Sangbong, Vice President Pyo Jongrook, Vice President Jo Hyesung, and also Heewon noona! Thank you for always taking care of us and giving us lots of advice!!
The ones that practice late into the night with us, Hyungwoong hyung and Namyong hyung! Thank you always!!
All the JYP staff that work hard for GOT7!! Thank you!
Also, our Go Geon hyung, 피트 hyung, Eundeok noona, Jongha hyung, Geongshik-ie hyung, Ali noona, thank you ^^
Seunghoon-ie hyung!!! I love you! Truly, thank you so much!!
All our AhGaSe! Thank you for always supporting us! In the future, we’ll work hard to show you an even cooler GOT7! We must always be together!! I love you! ^^
To be able to release our GOT7’s first full album, we feel very happy as well and we are truly thankful! We worked very hard to prepare for it, so please give it lots of love!!
GOT7 fighting!! I love you~~

Jr.’s Thanks To
First, I have to thank God the Father. Thank you for believing in GOT7 and for guiding us. Please help us to be together to the very end.
Our producer, the cool Park Jinyoung PD nim!!!!! CEO Jungwook, Vice President Jo Hyesung, Vice President Pyo Jongrook, Vice President Byun Sangbong!!!!!! Thank you very much for all your help, we’ll show you our most hardworking sides.
Heewon noona~ This is our 3rd album~ You have to help us to the end. Also, our Seunghoon hyung!! You are tired because of having to manage the 7 of us. I know. Even though it’s like that, thank you for facing us with a smile. Jungil hyung, Eunjung noona, Narae noona~ From schedules to schooling, you put such care into everything. Our advertising/marketing team (Ryu Geunhee team leader, Seulgi hyung, Jungyoon hyung), thank you. The A&R team (Jiyoung noona, Jaeho hyung, Jihyung noona), thank you for the effort you’ve put in for us. Soojung noona, thank you for your constant help during recordings. The ones that write cool songs for us (Jisang hyung, Node hyung, Minhyung hyung, Beom hyung, Nang hyung, Junggeon hyung, Chloe noona, Kevin hyung, Gunwoo hyung, Jiyeon noona, Wonhyuk hyung, Paul Najjar, Erik Lidbam), we’ll count on you to write cool songs for us next time as well.
The audio-visual team. Our Younghwa noona. Our Dream Knight team (Director Byeonghwa, lighting director, sound director, camera director, and the many staff members), thank you. (Jiwon noona, Wonseob hyung) thank you for tirelessly looking after us at the filming location. Also, Gaeul team leader. Thank you for your always positive energy. Our choreography team! (Namyong hyung, Hyungwoong hyung), whether it be public broadcasts, recordings, or any other work, it is most difficult for the hyungs. Youngwoon hyung, Hansol hyung, thank you.
Professors at Howon University, thank you. Fellow students at Howon University’s acting major, class 9! Even though I don’t know if you will see this! I will always cheer for you. The teachers that are always with us.. Teacher Jungmin, Teacher Sangeun, thank you. Teacher Deokgu, I’m always by your side. Also teacher Gayoung, Teacher Sujung, Teacher Ali, Teacher Jungjin, thank you.
JYP Japan, our Jieun noona, Supervisor Gunhee, Ringo jjang, Ayumi noona, Hyojin noona, Harim noona, 피트 hyung, Geon hyung, Jongha hyung, Eundeok sshi, thank you. Our music video directors at Naive Productions, thank you.
Sony Music, Namgung san, Izumi san, Seunghwan hyung, Gwangmeong hyung, Kasai san. And also, our cool Kaju san, Hyesun noona, thank you.
Gijae hyung, Crystal, congratulations on your marriage. Friends, are you living well? Taewoong, Jaewoong, Jaewoo, Minseok, Donghoon, Seungrok, Duhyeon, Youngjin. There’s too many. Even though I didn’t write down your name, you know that I’m thankful for you, right?
And also, my dad, my mom, Soyoung noona, Boyoung noona, because of the strength you give me, I am able to feel reassured.
I’m also very thankful to the people that I was not able to write down.
Lastly, our AhGaSe. GOT7 is only able to exist because of I GOT7, you know that, right? There are no words that can express my gratitude.. Regardless of when, I GOT7 is always my first pick.

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