[Tutorial] Japan MCountdown Vote

Mcountdown pre-vote will be available on Global website and Japan website. Since the Global is pretty easy to understand, in this tutorial we will only cover for the Japan one.

Global MNet: https://www.mwave.me/en/mcountdown/prevoting/vote

Japan MNet: http://jp.mnet.com/

For the Global website, they pretty much use English, so it’s easy to understand. You can register using your SNS accounts and vote once everyday for every account. Create as many account as possible, you can vote 10 times using the same IP. After that, change your network, like going from WiFi to mobile network or disconnect to easily change your IP, then you can vote for another 10 times.


Go to http://jp.mnet.com/

Then check your email for verification.


Go to http://jp.mnet.com/


go to http://jp.mnet.com/m_count/vote.m?mcdMenuId=menu2_1

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