[TUTORIAL] Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) 2016 – GOT7

Vote GOT7 sebagai Best Dance Performance Male Group & HotelsCombined Song of The Year di MAMA 2016
Vote GOT7 as Best Dance Performance Male Group & HotelsCombined Song of The Year at MAMA 2016
Periode: 28 Oktober 2016 17:00 ~ 30 November 22:00 WIB
Period: Oct, 28  19:00 ~ Dec, 01 24:00 KST

  1. Buka halaman 2016mama.com dan klik LOGIN
    Go to 2016mama.com and click LOGIN

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    You can sign in with your Mnet/Twitter/Facebook account
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    How to create Mnet Account:
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    Click Sign Up > “Register using E-mail”

    Ikuti langkah berikut
    Follow this step
  3. Vote GOT7 pada kategori berikut
    Vote GOT7 on this category

    – Kamu tetap harus vote semua kategori (total 19 kategori)
    You must vote all the category
    – kemudian klik VOTE
    Then click vote
  4. Selesai!
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Catatan: Kalian hanya dapat vote 1 kali per ID.


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