Month: June 2015

[ARTICLE|STARCAST] GOT7 premiered teaser images of their new track ‘Just Right’!

They are back finally~ wow!
GOT 7 showed off a pure boy who got really thrilled after getting an approach from a girl who he really fell for with the track ‘Stop stop it’!
This time, they came back with the bright and fun track ‘Just Right’!
STARCAST is revealing teaser images of GOT7’s ‘Just Right’ right now!
Hold your heart tight and have a look at the septet’s charming pictures in a pixel size!
Look! Charming guys supposed to look like this! These are what we call the refreshness of male Idol groups!
Oh! GOT7’s comeback date is Monday of July 13th. Their comeback day is also just right!

[ARTICLE] GOT7 Look “Just Right” in New Individual Teasers for July Comeback

GOT7 Look “Just Right” in New Individual Teasers for July Comeback

Following the exciting announcement that boy group GOT7 is gearing up to make return to the music scene next month, brand new individual teaser photos have been revealed!

On June 30, seven individual teaser cuts of each one of the members were finally unveiled, making fans’ anticipation to shoot through the roof, as they got a peek into what kind of concept the group will be presenting this time around.

[INSTAGRAM] 150629 Members update


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[ARTICLE] GOT7's Jackson thinks every house has a swimming pool?

On a recent episode of ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education,’ GOT7‘s Jackson took on the challenge for the World Championships.

The idol has been known to have developed his athleticism and was recognized early on for being a fencing pro athlete. When MC Jung Hyung Don threw a sly question Jackson’s way, asking him, “Why didn’t you just keep doing fencing?