Month: July 2015

[ARTICLE|STARCAST] Just right guys, GOT7 – in love with so many girls?!

Time to reveal just right boyfriend-like idol GOT7’s past, present and future!! I am back with GOT7’s present!!
Currently GOT7 are said to going out with so many girls while they are working with song “Just right”!

GOT7 going out with many girls??!?!?!?!? What??? What does it mean?
Yes, that’s right. As you may expected, I heard that they are in love with I GOT7 girls! I captured that site when they were on a date, let’s have a look together!

[INSTAGRAM] 150729-31 KBS A Song For You update

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#GOT7 are calling their friends in #as4u #asong4u

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[PIC|CF] 2015 SMART Uniform Instagram


[PIC] 150730 아이돌릭 TV – IDOLIC TV Facebook Update

#갓세븐 #빙구모드 뭐가 그렇게 좋아?#주니어 #잭슨 둘이 진짜 친한듯 :)#필소굿즈 1회▷ #유겸 #뱀뱀 #잘어울려 #웃으니까딱좋다 #GOT7 #케미짱 #JB #영재 #마크

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