[ARTICLE] “Empire, Solo Top” GOT7 Jackson, Rank #1: Hong Kong, Taiwan Chart

GOT7 Jackson took first place in Hong Kong charts, stood out with his solo.
According to Yin Yue Tai’s Vchart released on July 17, Jackson’s “Generation 2” won first place with 94.34 points on Hong Kong Taiwan weekly chart. This is his first time won in his first solo.
Jackson recently released his first solo song, “Generation 2,” (Commercial song) in Chinese and other Chinese regions. It’s got a successful result. The real-time chart in the afternoon of the 17th is also got first place. Not only that, he also broke 3 records for the most shared, most streamed and most downloaded on mobile phone.
Meanwhile, Yeonjae, Chae-naa, Lim Ji-hyeon, and Kwak Kook-jong ranked second to fifth. They are top Chinese singers in several country like Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. They have notched their side together, but also beat top singers and proved their status in the Chinese territory.
On 26th last month, , GOT7 Jackson, who is actively become Entertainment Program MC in China, formally established Team Wang for Chinese activities and spurred local activities.
Source: TV Report ( http://naver.me/FyWAP6GU )
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