[ARTICLE] GOT7's Jackson thinks every house has a swimming pool?

On a recent episode of ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education,’ GOT7‘s Jackson took on the challenge for the World Championships.

The idol has been known to have developed his athleticism and was recognized early on for being a fencing pro athlete. When MC Jung Hyung Don threw a sly question Jackson’s way, asking him, “Why didn’t you just keep doing fencing?the idol answered, “I thought I’d be a totally awesome singer. I came to Korea to become a great singer because I like music. That’s it,” abruptly ending his speech.

Kang Ho Dong then commented, “Aren’t you doing well now?” which made Jackson brighten up as he answered cheerily, “You think so?

The singer went on to explain that he learned swimming at home and offhandedly remarked, “Doesn’t every house have at least one swimming pool?” making everyone laugh in amusement at his well-off background.



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