[OFFICIAL] GOT7 the New Album ‘MAD’ description


GOT7, Returns with the New Album ‘MAD’ on September 29th! Returns with Dark Charm!
– ‘MAD’ Releases on September 29th! A Total of 6 Songs Including the Title Song ‘If You Do.’
– A Comeback in 1 Month After the Group’s Previous Album! Strengthening the Popularity with an Active Schedule.
– The Title Song ‘If You Do’! GOT7’s First Work with ‘Black Eyed Pilseung’, the Numerous Hit Songs Generator.

GOT7 intensively returns with ‘MAD’ on September 29th.

It’s an ultrafast comeback news as only a month has passed since the last activity with the mini album ‘Just right’, which was released in July. GOT7 had captivated the fans as a ‘Boyfriend Idol’, but now the group has changed into rough boys in this album. The teaser images and videos, released before the comeback, demonstrate GOT7’s new appeal as rebellious boys.

GOT7 attempts to change its music style as well. The group tries various genres such as Hip-hop, Urban Pop, Disco, and Deep House. The new album contains a total of 6 songs, including the title song ‘If You Do’, ‘Put them up’, ‘Feelin’ Good’, ‘GOOD’, ‘Eyes On,’ and ‘Tic Tic Tok.’

The title song ‘If You Do’ is produced by ‘Black Eyed Pilseung’, who has created many hit songs such as miss A ‘Only You’ and Sister ‘Touch My Body.’ Compared to the previous songs such as ‘Just right’ and ‘Stop stop it’, the new album’s title song concentrates more on the dark sensibility. The song does not hesitate rough expressions such as ‘but every day I went down on my knees’, ‘you pushed me to the edge of the cliff.’

The second track ‘Put them up’ is U.S. Southern Hip-hop style song. In the lyrics, GOT7 adds active proposing words to the one with love at first sight. The lyrics are particularly humorous as they demonstrate a dangerously beautiful woman as a criminal, and a man who is enamored of her as a police.

The last track ‘Tic Tic Tok’ is a Deep House genre song, with an impressive groove bass and vocal.

GOT7 releases the new album ‘MAD’ online on September 29th and offline on the 30th.

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