[REPORT|PROJECT] Food Support for GOT7 Debut Stage at Inkigayo

Hello! Good morning~
We’re here to report you our project for GOT7. ^^
First of all, we’d like to say thank you to GOT7SGyugyeomid.comJYP Nation Indonesia for participated in our project. Few days ago, we sent the donation money and spent the money well by bought a cake support for GOT7 at  SBS Inkigayo music show debut stage (January 16, 2014) . The project happened with the helped from  U&I (Jr. Fansite) . Big thanks to  U&I . ^^

[OFFICIAL] GOT7 1st Mini Album description

Got it?

JYP’s 7 Member New Boy Group ‘GOT7’ Sallies!
JYP First Hip-Hop Group ‘GOT7’ Has Dominated the Stage!
– JYP’s First Hip-Hop Group ‘GOT7‘, Makes the First Appearance to the Fans with its Debut Album ‘Got it?’
– The Group Dominates the Stage with the Title Song ‘Girls Girls Girls’ that is Filled with JYP’s Own Style of ‘Swagging’
– As a Boy Group that JYP Presents in 6 Years, ‘GOT7’ Targets Global Market with its Multinational Members.

On January 20th, 2014, JYP Entertainment’s new boy group ‘GOT7’ powerfully sallies with its debut album `Got it?`