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[MAGAZINE|TRANS] Haru*Hana Vol.30 (5/22)

[Trans] Haru*Hana Vol.30: GOT7 – MY TYPE SELECTION: Mark

~ I will tell you all about my liking!! ~

マーク 1994/4/9

“My style is to silently comfort a girl when she’s crying.”

1. What would you do if you went into a haunted house with a girl?

(✔️) Get frightened together
( ) Try to act like not scared at all

➡︎ Because I’m scared too (laughs).

2. What food do you want your parner to bring to you on a date?

( ) Norimaki (rice crackers wrapped in roasted seaweed)
(✔️) Sandwiches

➡︎ I like sandwich.

3. What would you do if you saw a girl crying?

( ) Make her smile
(✔️) Silently comfort her

➡︎ This way is more like my style, maybe.

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[TWITTER] 150517 Haru*Hana Magazine Update